The Spotlight Club 20 February 2009

Last night saw the Spotlight Club’s annual Slam event at The Yorkshire House. As usual a good turnout gave a warm response to all the acts good and well actually none of them were bad as such. They ranged in style, of course, from fairly conventional rhyming verse albeit not necessarily conventional subject matter (eg Sue Seddons graphic yet blackly comic In The Stirrups) to impassioned flowing hip hop and straightforward stand-up comedy.
Some performers were nervous (‘I have to confess I’m scared shitless/I hope you don’t think my words witless’ began one) others more experienced. At least one did a poem I’d seen them perform previously, whether thats good or bad I’m not sure.
So it was a tough call for the judges, and in the end the votes were close. My german friend was bemused at one of the winners, the humour not translating, but overall I wasn’t surprised.
3rd Mark Mace-Smith (£15 Winner)
2nd Lynne Crook (£25 Winner)
1st Paul Neafcy (£50 Winner)
But all 15 competitors did well, nobody was booed off or had a failure of nerves. I wished I’d had a go myself, it looked fun.


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