Calling All Event Promoters

I was asked the other night how I afford all these events, and the simple answer is, with difficulty at this time of the month.  So Here we go with blagging on the blog.  If you want me to review your event, you need to let me know its on in good time, so I can plan my diary and budget. 

I don’t really like to ask, it was somebody else’s suggestion, but free entry would help too 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kevin,

    There’s something for you on the Lunecy Review Myspace Page – haven’t got an email addy for you!

    Moll X

  2. The only problem is that we’ve got to pay bands and £30 venue hire…and keep the entry fee low….generally bands probably don’t even recoup the cost of a 2 hour co-op practice… but how about half price?!

    • I do appreciate that Richard, and I realise that your events and LAWM etc are excellent value for money. 3 or 4 quid for 4 bands (or more) is great even if only one is any good and the others crap, and I’ve rarely been that disappointed by even one band there.
      Having said that, it wasn’t just for myself. I was looking towards somekind of incentive for potential contributors at events I don’t get to. Half price would certainly be a help that way. Cheers.
      (Or was this just an attempt to persuade me to attend Loki rather than Starless tomorrow?)

  3. All I’m saying is that it’s easier to find the Yorkie than a church in Chorlton?!

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