Press Release

The Lunecy Review is a new website dedicated to covering the arts in the Lancaster & South Lakes areas. Covering local artists and those from afar who visit the area, The Lunecy Review aims to support, encourage and promote the huge numbers of talented musicians, writers, artists and performers of all kinds that make this area such a cultural highspot.

After just a few weeks online at the site is attracting attention from many sectors of the local artistic community. Now we want more, more readers (obviously), more contributors, and more news of events in the area that we, or our readership want to learn about.

Lancaster, Kendal, Ulverston, The Lakes, Morecambe and in between offer so much in the Arts that so few people are always aware of. From the successful L*A*W*M* nights at The Yorkshire House, to Poem & A Pint in Ulverston, featuring award-winning local talent such as novelist Sarah Hall and rising stars such as photographic team PRSquared and musicians Ottersgear and Jo Gillot, via the established events like Spotlight Club and the new ventures such as Vivid Arts, we at The Lunecy Review truly believe in the artistic community around the Bay and into The Lakes.

We also believe that a thriving community needs its critical component, which we hope we can be part of. For that we need readers and contributors, and of course that vital element, publicity.

The Lunecy Review

Please feel free to circulate this.


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