TOTALLY WIRED Launch party

VIVID ARTS is no more, long live TOTALLY WIRED!  Taking their cue from the events started at lancaster Library, but spreading their net across multiple venues and formats, TOTALLY WIRED is Lancaster’s newest Arts Event.


This Monday they held their official launch party at The Book Room on Meeting House Lane and I was one of those lucky enough to be invited along.  30-odd people (or 30 very odd people?) filled the shop to hear TW’s frontperson Richard Davis introduce Totally Wired and their forthcoming events (I am Kloot at The Yorkie, Ottersgear et al at The Storey, a Childrens Event at The Greggie, and projects lined up here at The Bookroom and maybe the Library after the refurb.).  Neil Simpson from Storey Creative Industries Centre also added his thoughts, whilst Richard’s cohorts Mary Lockwood, Claire Joynson and shop owner Jill Johnson dispensed drinks and excellent cakes at the back.

There was music too, superb sets from some of Lancaster’s great array of contemporary talent: Ponies’ acoustic hardcore balladeering kicked thinsg off, then Moll Baxter (with harmonies from partner Rob) did her acoustic literary songstress thing, the exuberant, impassionede Mikey Kenny, the delightful Jo Gillot and then the thoughtful Stephen Hudson rounded things off.  But there was time left, spectators including Dan Haywood, Kriss Foster, Holly from The Lovely Eggs etc couldn’t be dragged forward, so each act did a bit more.  You had to be there, hopefully if these acts get their due in years to come everyone will claim to have been there the night Jo or Mikey or Tom or Steve or Moll played to the chosen few in the Book Room.  It was that good, and Totally Wired have set themselves a task if they are to surpass it.

You know what though, with their enthusiasm and abilities shown so far, I think they might just do it.

Check them out at or pop in to the shop (which is an intriguing and stimulating place anyway).


12 Responses

  1. Thanks for your review Lunecy!!! It really was a great night, lots of credit have to go to Ponies, Moll Baxter, Mikey Kenney, Jo Gillot and of course Stephen Hudson who made it such a great atmosphere. The local music scene in Lancaster is on a real up at the moment, with a hell of a lot of talented young performers, which, hopefully will inspire others to now form bands. What’s really noticable is they are all helping, encouraging and supporting one another, Jo Gillot’s duet with Stephen Hudson and Rob from Mollie Baxter’s band singing backing vocals with Mikey Kenney on the night is a great example. It was also nice to see other performers just watching in the Book Room that night, like Niamh Starky, who is another massive talent, as well as Dan, Kriss & Holly.
    Kriss Foster filmed the whole evening as well which was a real bonus, can’t wait to see the results Kriss!!!
    These are exciting times in Lancaster at the moment, with lots of positives and a lot of motivated people doing things like Opposite of Robot, Barnbox and Wes Martin’s Ledge Collective. We then have the prospect of a revamped Storey Venue, which will open soon, a refurbished Lancaster Library, as well as Diversity Radio and of course The Lunecy Review!!!
    Things are looking good and TOTALLY WIRED aim to be a big part of it!!

  2. I was there…no I wasn’t 😦

  3. This was a fantastic night. Gorgeous venue, gorgeous people and very dapper fairy cakes! It was a bit dreamlike being on stage, to be part of it. Love it!

    Particularly memorable moments for me:

    * Jo’s singing about her cat in her beautifully melodic and somehow fractured vibrato. Love her voice.

    * Rob sidling up and doing some backing vocals on Red Lady – what a star!

    * Tom doing a fantastic opener, dang it, can’t remember the band whose song he covered. ‘At the Book Store,’ incorporated contributions from the audience about their favourite books. He’s a real canny showman.

    * Little buns with Spangles on them!

  4. To be fair to Wes, he did text me on the night to apologise for his absence!!!
    It’s gonna be like the Pistols at the Free Trade Hall, when half of Manchester claimed to of turned up!!!!!!
    At least we have it on official record Wes Martin was a no show!!!
    Sorry Wes!!!!!

  5. I agree about Tom’s fantastic opener, i think it was a cover of “Saturday night at the Book Store” by the American Punk Band The Dicks.
    But i think Tom wisely modified the language a bit.
    If i’m wrong Tom let me know, whatever it was, it got the evening off to a great start!!!

  6. Yeah The Dicks were a great band. From the Texas Hardcore scene of the early 80’s which included The Big Boys and MDC. Gary Floyd is a great talent, he was also a member of Sister Double Happiness and various other solo projects.

    Nice one Tom!

    • The Dicks also did the original of ‘Hate The Police’ which Mudhoney covered.

  7. Yeah Hate The Police is an awesome song. Mudhoney did an excellent cover of that. But then if your gonna have anyone cover your stuf, Mudhoney can always be guarenteed to do a good job.

    viva el punk hardcore!

    Apparently a new Bad Brains Documentary is being made. I can’t wait! Nevermind the Sex Pistols, Here’s The Bad Brains.

  8. Sorry Reza, Mudhoney’s version of Sonic Youth’s ” Halloween” wasn’t brill but Sonic Youth’s version of Mudhoney’s ” Touch Me I’m Sick ” was a big thumb’s UP!

    I was never a massive Pistols fan either, i’m more Public Image Ltd, well before Lydon’s session musicians moved in.
    Bring back Keith Levene & Jah Wobble, them two together were awesome.

  9. Yeah that early PIL stuff was excellent. It became silly later on. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Lydon now that he’s a big celebrity.

  10. There’s no doubt Lydon is one of our great vocalist’s, but when you start to look at all he’s done since 76 – it’s not a lot. I really think he could of done so much more. Last decent thing was the Leftfield song, and that’s going back to the early 90’s, which seems ages ago.
    Wasted talent!!!
    Mind you i did want him to win “I’m a Celebrity get me out of here”!!!

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