Lavender Lounge — May 2nd

Lancaster’s women’s cabaret night, The Lavender Lounge, opened its doors to men on Saturday, though only a handful dared the offer.

Unfortunately the advertised Niamh Starkey was unable to appear but the organisers did have two other fine acts to entertain.


She Blooms is a dark voiced soul jazz singer, accompanied tonight by skilled semi-acoustic guitar work from Phil Gamble.  She Blooms moves easily from straight-up torch song to funkier soul pop stories, impressing throughout.  Only a cover of Dylan’s I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight doesn’t quite swing, but otherwise the blend of rich voice and jazzy guitar is very enjoyable.


Ann The Poet is equally enjoyable, though in her very different way.  She calls herself a poet ‘so I don’t disappoint anybody’ she says at one point.  In performance though she is as much stand-up comedienne whose observational humour is sometimes expressed in verse. 

It’s appropriate she is here tonight, she begins, ‘ in the week we got our first lesbian Poet Laureate,’   Ann likes women, she also likes potatoes, so what better than to combine the two in a poem.  Comedy, neat, observational, with a zest, and with a serious undertone when needed.

Ann’s exuberance and engaging presence blurs the edges of her poems.  Their beat rythms come and go, adding emphasis when required to her emotional asides.  People with no knowledge of ‘proper’ poetry; are drawn in by Ann’s delivery, yet it is proper.  ‘Fuckin’ell it’s a villanelle’ she says of one poem.  Ann the Poet has charisma to burst and nobody tonight was disappointed, unless it was that the show eventually had to end.


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  1. Thank you, you’re very kind x

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