Films on The Lunecy Review?

I recently had the offer of a film review for The Lunecy Review and it made me pause.  I have said that TLR is for Lancaster and South Lakes, so I wasn’t planning to review non-local CDs, Books, Films etc.   I’m sure there’s a place for those, and I’d contribute myself (somebody needs to review The Unsettlers album…) but is it here? 

I don’t think I want TLR to feel the need to review the new Star Trek, the new Ben Stiller uncomedy, or the latest date movie (the latter because I don’t have a date to share it with …)  On the other hand, the odd films, the less mainstream releases that The Dukes or The Brewery shows maybe do deserve a review?   I’d happily have reviewed Anvil, and I know someone wants to review Religulous, for instance.

Come on Reader, is this what you want from The Lunecy Review?  Let me know.


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  1. Alright Kev,

    My thinking was that Religulous seems like an intelligent film, more so than your average Hollywood blockbuster. I also thought that being at The Dukes as well, anything to give that place more exposure can only be a good thing.

    I’ve got a couple of other things I can review instead if that’s better. Like The Play Paperweight and/or various gigs at The Yorkie (Blaze Bayley springs to mind? Nothing like a bit of cheesy metal from time to time).

    Let me know your thoughts



    • No probs Reza, I just wondered if I’d created a niche and then was going to start to drift out of it
      Submit and I’ll give it a read.

  2. Nice one Kev,

    I’ll play it by ear and see which event takes my fancy. That play actually sounds quite interesting. Quite a bit happening at the mo’, so I’m a bit spoiled for choice! Whatever happens expect a review to come sometime forthwith.

    Oh and enjoy Kirsten Hersh (I didn’t get a ticket in time 😦 ).

  3. yeah, tricky one. I’d say no at a gut response level, films are too accessible and widely covered to justify devoting precious TLR time too. However, knowing the incredibly hard work it takes for small distributor to get the likes of ‘anvil’ into independent cinemas (my mate Damian works for the ditributors behind ‘Anvil’), maybe a considered aknowledgement is justified. I guess its about defining the remit and being consistent. The Dukes is a community establishment that needs coverage from the likes of TLR. Mmmm, so yes, certain stuff I would be really pleased to read/review.

    • I think that sums up my feelings Wes. So do I then also apply that to small press books, independent record labels etc?
      Maybe there should be a parallel site to TLR covering the wider world?

  4. Keep it going as you are Kev, i think you’ve got it right so far. If something comes along book,film,gig,exhibition or even TV Show which is obviously something of value in terms of popular culture – review it.
    As we all know straying from the main path is always far far more interesting and enjoyable. So i would avoid items which probably get acres of coverage elsewhere. It is important to give The Dukes, Yorkshire House, Brewery Arts Centre & The Book Room exposure and support.
    Imagine what Lancaster/S Lakes would be like without them!

  5. Perhaps a compromise would be to review films which are shown at the Dukes, Brewery, etc. *because* they have a link to the region – local filmmakers, films shot in the area or film seasons tied to other Lunecy-Review-patch events like the Dukes tie-in with the bike fest.

  6. Totally agree with Rich and Simon, places like The Dukes, Brewery etc should be covered as much as possible so that people know how great and vital these places are. Me I go to The Dukes for my film viewing as I cannot stand the horribly corporate and souless feel of places like The Vue. I took my niece to see Coraline at The Vue recently and 2 tickets plus snacks came to £16! I felt fleeced to say the least!

    Plus the films at The Dukes are better anyhow…

  7. In answer to the question about whether to include small press/independent labels, I think Simon’s compromise is a good one: reviewing those items that have a very tangible local link, through artist or subject matter. And within that, the more variety the better!

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