Molly’s Lips

A review with a different slant can be found on the Monkeywrack Writers Myspace blog. 

Local legend Moll Baxter recently celebrated her birthday with a night of performance (music, poetry, comedy and prose ) from most of Lancaster’s great and good and has written her view of the night here 

Go take a look, and wish her many more such nights while you’re there.


2 Responses

  1. Great Review Mollie!
    Kevin, sign Mollie up to do some reviews on the Lunecy!!

    Thanks again Mollie for inviting all the Totally Wired Crew, it was a great night, & good to see music, comedy and spoken word mixing so well together on the night.
    It was the first time i had witnessed Marian’s Pigeon Ballet – which was excellent!!

  2. Perhaps this is where I confess to having written the Fell Foot Wood review under the name onebakedbean…

    Thanks Richard! It was great to see you all there. The lemon cake is all gone. The unanimous decision was that, yes, one could taste the difference!

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