Runt Hornet, Joyeux and Pick up The Gun — The Yorkshire House 29.5.09

I only caught the end of  Pick Up The Gun’s debut set, but they were interesting.  Feedbacking guitars and thunderous drumming dominanted the two songs I saw: the one that sounded a bit Nirvana-esque, and the one that sounded a lot like Smashing Pumpkins but heavier.  Give them a while to write some songs and see how they are then.

Joyeux haven’t rehearsed, but who can tell.  Their Killdozer-ish opener gives way to Black Flag-like riffing and screaming.  Pete and Thom’s intimate appreciation pf the essential homoeroticism of hardcore are fundamental to Joyeux’s appeal.  A stripped Thom screaming ‘No Fun’ in the faces of punters at the bar is definitely an image to remember.  Two women in their best dresses are clearly unsure how to take Thom, and the unexpected view they get up his shorts as he writhes on the floor only confirms their opinion. 

Runt Hornet I saw a couple of years ago, and mostly just recalled the amazing pip bass.  Tonight that bass thunderous rumble underpins some drawn out metal jams, but their set is enjoyable.  The drummer never stopped smiling as she pounded a driving beat.  Towards the end a bluesier number was particularly good.  

So three interesting bands each quite different but each enjoyable, powerful and heavy rock.


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  1. Yeah, Joyeux are great. Black Flag meets Kildozer by way of The Melvins. Thom is pretty engaging as well. Bout time Lancaster had a band with a bit of attitude. Makes a change from genteel folky singer-songwriters. I’m thinking of going to see Blaze Bayley next Friday. Support from The Eliminator who are good fun. Need a bit of cheesy metal from time to time. Expect a review if I do go.

    BTW speaking of cheesy metal, has anyone seen that Anvil film yet?

    • I saw Anvil support Motorhead back in 83. They were a great band, and very unlucky not to be much more successful. So I was thrilled by the film, which is not the ‘real Spinal Tap’ its been so lazily reviewed as by critics who probably never saw the film. It’s hilarious, sad, touching, rocking, honest, and in the end incredibly uplifting. Lips and Rob come over as just great guys driven by their love for the music, and when Lips highly succesful business woman sister lends them the money to make the latest album there were tears in the theatre and a real sense of justification.

      • Another result of poor management/record company hassles. Just look at Badfinger. At least Anvil are all still living.

  2. Anvil rocks, its been and gone at the Dukes.

  3. Re: attitude

    I wish I’d known years ago, I wouldn’t have bothered learning any instuments or forming opinions based on years of careful learning – i’d have just stripped to my pants, rolled about and shown my knackers to some unsuspecting women.


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