On Debate

Many of you have been reading and contributing to a lively debate further down the page.  Thanks all of you, friends and ‘foes’ alike.

I want to say this, that I do not deliberately insult people for the sake of humour or entertainment.  I have sometimes used harsh word that perhaps either failed to recognise the context the artist was working in or failed to convey the full context i wanted to be seen.   I also think that one or two responses to reviews here have also missed some context or failed to be clear themselves.  From this leads bad feeling and misunderstanding on all sides.

My apologies, for those who missed it in the comments, to Blanket Apology for a tasteless analogy about their performance at The Spotlight. 

However, what this has shown is the depth of passion in Lancaster about OUR arts scene, and I hope that we can all build on this, learn from this, and create somethings that are even better.   This debate has increased viewings of the site by 350% on last month’s daily average to this weeks.  Please don’t all leave again, keep talking and contributing.  Thanks.


3 Responses

  1. Well said. I don’t believe there to be any foes – only Devil’s advocates – of which I enjoy being one because I’m a git in my spare time. 😉 This is a fine place to air views/grievances, and it’s working brilliantly!

  2. ..I agree..hope to meet you all at some point 🙂
    Jan Blanket Apology Band

  3. Peace in our time?

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