Totally Wired at The Storey

Reviewed by Colin Bertram

Totally Wired at The Storey 6 June 2009

A: Amazing wasn’t she? The star of the show.
B: Bellydancer? Yeah I reckon half the audience wanted to take her home
A: Can’t you stop thinking about her for half a minute? I’m talking about Jo Gillot.
B: Desna, that was her name. You were eyeing her up too.
A: Even if I was, Jo was much more memorable.
B: For you maybe, but the bellydancer did it for me.
A: Great songs, great voice and she can play that guitar.
B: Have you stopped and listened to yourself? Like some teenager with a crush.
A: I’m entitled to my opinions aren’t I?
B: Just what I was thinking myself
A: Keep hearing her songs in my head.
B: Leave it out. And what about Mollie Baxter?
A: Mollie was good. Nice mix of music and prose.
B: Now we’re getting somewhere. And what was the name of the band on at the end?
A: Ottersgear, yeah I liked them.
B: Pretty good musicians all of them.
A: Quite agree with you. The singer had an amazing voice.
B: Really powerful – shame his violin was out of tune.
A: Shame, wasn’t it? But he could certainly play it.
B: Totally Wired put on a great line-up.
A: Unbelievable. That German bloke, Florian Kaplick, was something else.
B: Verging on the surreal in places.
A: What’s the next gig?
B: (e)Xactly what I was about to ask.
A: You’ll have to check the web site –
B: Zooming in on it right now!

(with thanks to Improv Xpress for the A to Z idea, Bonkers for their dance routine and Vik Lawless for her poetry reading)

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7 Responses

  1. Interesting reviewing style Col. Jo is certainly talented in both senses of the word, ;-). On a more serious note, definately a very unique performer with a sweet voice. One to watch for the future.

    Can’t say I’ve ever been moved by bellydancing either, but each to their own I guess…

  2. I like your style Colin – nice one!

  3. The reviewing style came from Improv Xpress who did a piece where two of them had a conversation taking it in turns to start each sentence with the next letter of the alphabet. So I wrote the above in one go only editing it at the end as I couldn’t remember all the performers’ names.

    I felt a bit sorry for Vik Lawless who was on after Desna as anything would have seemed a bit flat in comparison. It didn’t help that she didn’t use the mic when reading her poetry. We were at the back and I was straining to hear her, what with my less than perfect hearing!

    The review was just a bit of fun. I’ll leave the serious reviews to you and Kev. :o)

  4. A brave,creative dreamlike endevour, fruitily glorifying hours indoors. Jo keeps lovin’ music. Now Ottersgear played quality, rollicking sunbleached tunes. Up Vik with x-rated youthful zeal…….

    ha, I tried

  5. Nice try Wes. We might make a serious reviewer of you yet,


  6. Yes, Vik definately would have benefitted from standing somewhere near the mic…

  7. I wasn’t there so am unable to comment.

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