Improv Xpress at The Yorkshire House

reviewed by Kev McVeigh

In a car factory on the brink of closure a man witha Birmingham accent and a woman with an Irish brogue deal with a robot and plan their future in fast food.

Just one hilarious bizarre scenario from the fertile minds of Improv X Press  on stage at The Yorkshire House.  Led by veteran performer David Ash the team of six combined in surreal, funny and occasionally poignant improvisational scenes and set pieces.  Prompted by audience suggestions the group ran wild with their ideas to great effect.

The rapport between the members clearly helped in this tricky form of comedy.  It was clear at one point that Rowena was creating prompts for her colleague, part feeding him a line, part creating an option for him.  The cast extemporised with enthusiasm (despite the pitifully small audience) on work, relationships, rivalry and even the comedy performance itself mostly steering clear of  the post-modern malaise of over played self-conscious irony saving the knowing look, or line for the right moment.

Katy, Jess and Steven from Improv Xpress -- photo courtesy of Richard Davis (

Katy, Jess and Steven from Improv Xpress -- photo courtesy of Richard Davis (

The humour ranged from the wry smile at the clever twists and cues to great belly laughs at the surreal incongruities played out, and the vivid physical expression also contributed much.

Improv Xpress next play The Grand on 15th July, go see them and like me you might even want to join them, it looks such fun.


One Response

  1. I like Improv Express too. I agree that a large part of their charm is that they seem to be enjoying themselves but without it becoming self-indulgent.

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