Local Talent Supported!

Following early controversy I should in fairness report that HMV has five copies of The Lovely Eggs rather fine CD on sale at a very reasonable tenner.  Go buy one (two, three, all five) soon.

Next: Hows My Otters Time Machine Jeff?  get their CDs launched…


11 Responses

  1. All those records coming out over the next month and still none of the music loving populace of Lancaster will ACTUALLY BUY ANY OF THEM! The majority of you just keep moaning about how HMV and how no one supports local music, but unless there’s an out of town/established band on the bill you’d rather all stay in and bathe in your own sense of self righteousness.

  2. Maybe if any of the bands were any good? Rather than indulgent rubbish…just a thought

  3. ….says Jimmy, self-indulgently furnishing the forum with half-baked, non-backed-up crap.

  4. Nicely put Paul.

    Jimmy: I can see how it is possible that an admirer of for instance Jo Gillot might not be so keen on 3D Tanx, or an Ottersgear fan less interested in Satellites. Not every act is to everyone’s taste, but to suggest that not one of the 30 or 40 local bands I’ve seen this year (or the umpteen others I have yet to get chance to see) is any good at all seems like the opinion of someone who doesn’t actually go to see these bands in the flesh.

  5. Unfortunately I have seen a lot of the bands on offer in the scene and with the exception of a few, Satellites being one, most of the artists are niche folk with variations on the theme of twee lyrics sung over an out of tune guitar.
    I can handle music which doesn’t appeal to me personally but it’s the incestuous, cliquey nature of the scene which is so insular that it only matters to the people involved.

    The reason no one bar the friends of people in any Lancaster band would buy any of their music in HMV is because out-with a convent of middle-class out of touch snobs at a poetry club, the music has no commercial viability.

    My disdain for the scene is further confirmed by the sickening droolings of a middle aged lolita complex I detect whenever any topic seems to return to the theme of how good Jo Gillot is. Yes she is good, I have her CD yet I do not feel compelled to talk about her every waking moment. If it makes me that uncomfortable to hear middle aged musings on a young girl then I can only imagine how she feels about it.

  6. How far d’you think it comes with the territory than any ‘scene’ only ‘matters to the people involved’?

  7. So, Jimmy speaks for everyone when it comes to commercial viability, eh? Based on his knowledge of what, exactly? I suspect a personal, provincial opinion and a tad of bitterness that he hasn’t the talent/balls to get up and offer some creation of his own for us to enjoy. A scene is only insular and ‘cliquey’ if your own fear drives you from attempting to join and explore it. It begs the question who really IS out of touch.

  8. In fact I have had the ‘balls’ to offer some creation and amongst many other events in the pipeline am headlining the Manchester Academy on the 5th of July, yet I would assume that none of you ‘music lover’s’ have a clue who we are or have ever heard of us despite us filling venues in Lancaster (not much of a feat) as well as other highly esteemed venues throughout the UK. But Fuck it we don’t play gash, terrible ‘folk’ music and therefore don’t get a look in, and by folk music I mean non sensical colloquial ramblings in a generic northern accent over shite guitar playing. I have nothing against folk music at all, and Nick Drake and Bert Jansch are my 2 favorite artists of all time, what bothers me is people taking advantage of how far can the boundaries of acceptability stretch and assuming that they can just play anything and middle-aged snobs will lap it up declaring its art.
    Rubbish Poetry is NOT art. Terrible Folk Music is NOT Art. Cliquey niche garbage is NOT art. Poor reviews on a pointless website is NOT art. Obsessing over a girl over half your age is NOT art.

    • Jimmy: If you don’t mention who your band how do people know who you are? A bit of googling tells me its probably TAPE? A band I haven’t had chance to see as yet but who I asked someone to review recently, but they were unable to do it. Sorry, not deliberately avoiding you.

      I do take issue with your categorising of the whole Lancaster scene as ‘folk’ certainly not a word I would apply to Adventures Of Loki, Uncle Jeff, Wagtale, New Zealand Story, Dose, Joyeux, Electric Free Time Machine, Lovely Eggs, Ponies, Jo Gillot, and as many others.

      And re: middle-aged men obsessing over a younger woman, am I not allowed to like music by anyone not of my own generation? How narrow minded. Or is it just projection on your part?

  9. ‘Obsessing over a girl over half your age is NOT art’

    – Jimmy lad, Nabokov would be spinning in his grave!?


  10. Terrible folk IS art!
    I have proof!

    Shame on us all!

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