Cara Dillon — The Platform

Cara Dillon at The Platform in Morecambe, Friday 26th June 2009
Reviewed by Colin Bertram
There was a bigger crowd at the Platform than the last time Cara played here three years ago. So she brought us all up to date with news of her and Sam Lakeman’s twins, how piper and fiddle player James O’Grady has a couple of kids and guitarist Ed Boyd has found true love! She had been worried about whether the gig would go ahead at all as Ed was driving up in the van from Somerset with all the gear that afternoon. He had to cope with thunder storms near Glastonbury, traffic jams on the M6 and only arrived in Morecambe just after 7:30pm.

The support act was a singer with an acoustic guitar whose name I didn’t catch. He played a 30 minute set which included a song by Colin Hay of Men At Work fame, Davey Graham’s Angie and the Fairport song The Hiring Fair.

Sam, Ed and James then came on to do the roadie bit of tuning guitars etc before leaving the stage (quick shirt change for Sam) and they returned with Cara looking very smart in a white outfit. Later on during the set she looked at her hubby and asked “Did you iron that shirt?”

They started with ‘Jimmy Mó Mhíle Stór’ and played five more tracks from the new album ‘Hill Of Thieves’ including a beautiful rendition of ‘She Moved Through The Fair’ and a lively version of ‘P Stands For Paddy’. Early on was a set of 3 tunes which included ‘The Knotted Hankie’ and the encore was another set of tunes both featuring some excellent Uilleann pipe playing from James. The set included a few numbers from her previous solo albums including ‘Black is the Colour’, ‘Garden Valley’ and ‘I Wish You Well’. Mid-way through the set Sam and James left the stage leaving Cara and Ed to play the Van Morrison song ‘Crazy Love’.

The title track from ‘Hill Of Thieves’ was dedicated to Cara’s uncle and aunt who were in the audience and there was a nice story from James about buying painkillers in Northern Ireland with him finding the accent a bit difficult to decipher. When asked if he had a Boots card he thought he was being asked if he was a bit scared! Cara also told us about how the twins, aged 2 and a half, are obviously determined to follow ma and pa onto stage as one is already playing air guitar and getting his brother to play drums.

The audience certainly enjoyed the show joining in with some singing on ‘Crazy Love’, clapping along to numbers as the night went on and there were even 2 or 3 folk up dancing at the end. The acoustics aren’t great at the Platform so sound-wise it wasn’t as good as the last tour when they played at the Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal but that aside it was a great night’s music.


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  1. Quite sad I missed this one. Sounds like a lovely evening

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