The Lovely Eggs– If You Were Fruit

I really don’t like eggs.  It doesn’t matter how you cook them I can’t stand to eat them.  I do like The Lovely Eggs though.

If You Were Fruit is the debut album from Lancaster’s favourite off-beat indie-pop duo.  Opener ‘Sexual Cowboy’ sets the scene with a catch riff reminiscent of mid-period Sebadoh maybe, and for thirty seconds its all very bouncy rock.  Then Holly’s twee as fuck vocals come in and that smile becomes a grin.  It’s the same with ‘I Like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too’: driving alternative pop guitar and drums under seemingly nonsense lyrics made more charming by Holly’s warmly accented diction.

This almost nursery rhyme approach frequently sounds like something from kids TV, particularly when David adds quirky percussion effects and whistles on ‘Lune Café’  As a result it can take a few listens to cut through the whimsy to recognise some of these as sweet love songs.  They love cheese, they don’t do cheesy.  The darkly adult edge that is concealed by the faux-naivety sharpens as the album plays.

It isn’t a perfect album, ‘Baulk Cushion’s chantalong is perhaps the one track that out stays its welcome, but it is a fun mix of sweet and sour with a deft progression from the wilfully ramshackle to the melodic bliss of ‘The Best Moon This Side Of Town’.

What’s more it contains the classic ‘Have You Ever Seen A Digital Accordion’ and my personal favourite (today, tomorrow will differ, a sign of a great album) ‘Mices’.

‘Eat Shit’ it says on the cover and, well I really like The Lovely Eggs, but I still won’t eat an egg.  Fortunately they aren’t shit to listen to…


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