Lancaster Spotlight July – A non-review

Who is writing this month’s Spotlight Review?

You are.

That’s right, we’re completely subverting the review concept and using the ultra-zeitgeisty medium of crowdsourcing. This is democracy, people and, more importantly, it allows me to keep my weekend family commitments.

So have a look at the clips, make up your own mind whether these writers know their assonance from their elbow and comment at the bottom.

Keep it constructive, ye critics.

Sue Seddon, Lighting Fires

Sue Seddon
(Apologies, no footage available)

Kevin Coughlan and the Daytime Moon

Kevin Coogan
(Apologies, no footage available)

Carla Scarano, weaving a yarn

Norman Hadley, tub-thumping

Rashid Winter, Guitar Man

Nate Connelly, Guitar Man

His Serene Holiness, Bernard Alvarez

Iain Colley, beastly verse

Lewis Charlesworth, tales from Bolton

Ann Wilson, Loopy Woman

Steve Lewis, a Novel approach to song-writing


5 Responses

  1. I like this, good idea, very web 2.0. Ok, let me give it some thought, post back soon

  2. Well I enjoyed it but as the compere, I’m a biased source! There were several great performances in an as usual eclectic mix but the stand outs were Sue Seddon’s story about her Mum in the bath, bashing away at a typewriter perched on a wire rack; Norman Hadley’s awesome poetry; Rashid Winter’s music, followed by another stunning set from Nate Connelly (brother of Arlen), who also gave away free CDs, bless him.

    Funniest work of the night has to have been Iain Colley’s animal inspired poems and the superb Apocalypse Blues.

    A great night. The compere was by no means as polished as Simon Baker, though. (Well, except for the top of his head).

  3. Hey! Loving the democratic approach. There’ll be elections next and everything! Good to see that the Spotlight is becoming accessible to all – even those of us who can’t attend due to lack of babysitting facilities. Widening participation is what it’s all about.

    And now that you’ve given me some power, I might actually review something …….

  4. Sue Seddon has written up some reflections on the evening over at her site

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