How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies! They seem to be everywhere lately, the much feared zombie Apocalypse is surely not far away. And when it comes panic will ensue, there will be many millions dead, or undead.
Fortunately Dr Dale (of Dr Dale’s Survival School) has the answer. His specially developed seminar How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse aims to provide you with everything you might need to improve your chances of survival.
Dr Dale and his team of experts, researchers and enthusiasts offer top tips on Zombie recognition, safe places, evasion techniques and why Michael Jackson was wrong to suggest that zombies can dance.
With demonstrations including an innovative use of the Cornation Street Theme music interspersed with frank and fruitful Q & A sessions (Do Zombies have sex? Can animals become zombies? Can you kill a Zombie witha spork?) Dr Dale and his crack team provided both knowledge and advice for any zombie related contingency. Who knows when or indeed, if, the Zombie Apocalypse will come, but I, and the packed crowd at Dr Dale’s latest and highly impressive seminar in Preston will surely sleep soundly with his advice clutched to our bosom.
— Helen Bland writing in The Plungington Mercury

After Dark Theatre Company are about to take HTSAZA to Edinburgh for a month (The Zoo Southside is the venue.) so a well-attended show at The New Continental in Preston was the ideal send-off. Dale’s over-the-top mannerisms and non-stop spiel create a very funny setting but then as the cast improvise wildly around him the laughter increases.
There is a sub-plot too, the doomed romance of two of the team, Malcolm and Judy, conveyed mostly in hints and gestures. This also served to suggest a darker side to the manipiulative ‘Doctor’.

HTSAZA is a fast-paced show packed with sharp wit and hilarious performances from all six cast members.

Reviewed by Kev McVeigh


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  1. I was lucky enough to go and see this group at the fringe in Edinburgh, there show had me in stitches with laughte, it was a fab start to my holiday

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