Kitchen UNIT @ Qsands Morecambe


by wes martin

Joe Cowell is at it again over at Qsands/Mona house in Morecambe. Resident artist Joe has facilitated the present (curated by k-UNIT’s Peter Rudd and Jamie Jenkinson ) exhibition. Mona House artists studios/exhibition space plays host to Kitchen UNIT, a group of artists who adhere to the principle ‘ there’s not much you can do except do art and skate’, well there is, and thats where these guys stand apart from the crowd, you can get your acts together and put on an exhibition of your creative output. There’s name plaques on teabags, cut outs and montages, paintings on skatesboards, tee-shirts and panes of glass, there’s subtle and beautiful medium format photography, primitive scrawled canvases, video installation and music. This outfit, Kitchen UNIT,( nod to NYC hip hopster G-Unit no doubt), are about as ‘street’ as you are likely to find in a gallery setting. There is a fine line between what you can feasibly exhibit and what works best in the skate park, and these boys seem to hit it right. There’s a good blend of the DIY punk aesthetic and a ‘ knowingness’ to the exhibition. Each artist adding their own particular twist to their aformention core principle.

The Exhibition is on until wednesday 2nd September (yeah, short notice I apologise), until 5pm, the guys will probably be around drinking tea, and willing to chat.

Chris Atherton
Haryy Mills
Jesse James
Matt Harfield
John Nixon
Darren Forster
Jamie Jenkinson
Adam Hardman
Peter Rudd


2 Responses

  1. Mona House pull it off again, this was excellent!! Builds on the solid foundation that was The Body Collective 1 Exhibition last month. Again, this was a real gem ( Where is Joe Cowell getting all these artists from!!?! ) a real feel of D.I.Y. at its best. The presentation of this varied work was a joy, loved the names of the artists written on teabags, lots to see & lots i probably missed. At times there seems to be pieces of work all over the place, on the floor, on the walls, on the window panes, most on view, some hidden – its beautifully choatic.
    Unfortunately its only on for a week though – a shame.
    Joe tells me there are plans already for Body Collective 2 ( Maybe Oct/Nov )
    Great News!! Keep it up Mona House!!!

  2. oh my daze..i missed this check the time stamp

    now wednesday just checed the time 2 mins past 5, i was gonna drive down n see..

    2 mins after it closed haha, shit! soz lads. il try catch the next one. dont use my facebook at all so missed the invites n such.

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