Word Soup featuring Harvey Lord

Ok so not exactly local but…

Robyn Talbot from Word Soup in Preston has informed me that our very own Harvey Lord will be present at the next event on the 22nd of September (Kicks off at 8pm and costs £3 to get in). Harvey will be providing the musical interludes at what promises to be a literary night night to remember! Also present on the evening will be A.J. Duggan author of Scars Beneath the Skin, Manchester based author Sian Cummings, Peter Wild and Preston’s very own Michael Molyneux.

The event will be at The Continental on South Meadow Lane. Contact Robyn at info@theyeatculture.org if you wish to get involved.


10 Responses

  1. I’ve been to the last three Word Soup events – it’s a really good night and the Continental is a good place to get some pre-show food too!

  2. Hi Simon,

    It does sound intriguing. If your free do you fancy popping along and sending us a review? You come reccomended (from Sarah Hymas).

    Reza 🙂

  3. That Harvey Lord knows a thing or two about soup, lemme-tell-thee.


  4. Hi Reza,

    I really appreciate the offer Reza (and thanks Sarah if you read this!) but it’s a polite no ta! I think it’s a really difficult thing to do well and I’m impressed by anyone who manages to write a review without coming across as unctuous, pompous, self-serving, petty or bland. Also, I’ve been trying over the last few years to get as involved as possible in writing/performance events like Word Soup and I just think maybe a reviewer needs a bit more distance than that to do a proper job. And, anyway, you can see from this how fucking long-winded I am. Do you really want an 1800 word review?!


  5. Haha Simon,

    That’s fine. Good luck with future endeavours. If you know know anyone who would be interested in doing some reviewing if you could point them my way,



  6. That Harvey Lord is a banana thief

  7. … I’ve heard he also smuggles peanuts

  8. peanuts, bananas, soup … Let’s not sh!t ourselves, the man has it all!

    Best Wishes Harvey


  9. Hi Reza.

    I may be able to help you here. I’ve been dragged into helping out at Word Soup by taking some video footage of the event and a lass by the name of Mel Webster will write the review, embedding my clips. I’ll ask if we can syndicate the result to TLR in some form, even if it’s only a hyperlink.

    Being a half-way house Garstonian, I’ve keen to promote links between the Ribble and Lune.

  10. Nice one Norman,

    Much appreciated as always.

    Reza 🙂

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