Litfest – Audio Artists Flax 020 submissions

Sarah Hymas has another opportunity for all you literary types…

Flax020 will be an audio album of mp3 recordings. Have a listen to Elevator Poetry to get an idea of the approximate format.

  1. Submit up to 90 seconds of fiction, prose or poetry as an mp3.  This can be work that has been previously published as text, but not as an audio recording.
  2. Email submissions only. Send work as an attachment, with your name as the title of the mp3. Do not include a printed version of the text. Ideally the quality of the recording will be good enough to go straight on to the web, but there will be time to rerecord if necessary. Unfortunately we can’t provide any loop or sampling equipment.
  3. Submissions can be solo voice, or voice and music, remixed or not. If you want to use imported ‘found sounds’ that’s great, but we cannot use tracks or imported samples that may infringe copyright to be part of the mp3. You can have as many voices as you wish in the mp3.
  4. If you are unable to send a mp3, but have a clear vision for a particular piece of work to be an audio track, then please send it as a word doc with brief directorial notes. Use your name as doc title and insert as a footer.
  5. Submissions for Flax020 are welcome 26 Oct – 18 Nov 2009.
  6. Use audio submission as the subject of the email, and send to

If you have questions concerning any of the submissions, please contact

We look forward to the work, and hope you enjoy creating it.


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