Opposite of Robot Number 16 – (this)Friday 16th October 2009


A bill bursting with talent from Manchester and Lancaster:

Manchester-based duo play good-humoured, accessible folk-pop.
The press say:
“…head and shoulders above the millions of other singer/songwriter efforts around…” Piccadilly Records, Manchester
“…BUTLER WILLIAMS…live equation is nothing less than a revelation…their sound is that found at the cutting edge of modern Mancunian acoustica. “Got no job but I got leads..” goes one line almost like a calling card, as Chris Butler and Noel Williams demonstrate that they are purveyors of great vocals and some damn impressive guitar work too. Witty, beautiful and adventurous are terms that you’d expect to find on a dating website, but Butler Williams are literally wearing the T-Shirt. Well not literally, but they do wheel out a mini glockenspiel on “Only A Few” and of course the now famously reported Theremin. There’s a song about getting a good kicking at a Withington Kebab shop but it’s sound tracked by a remarkable timbre and cocktail of sounds that conjure up more flavours than a fine red wine; the soundtrack to Tales From The Riverback 2008; Damien Rice on Hathersage Road; Badly Drawn Boy in Tescos; The Smiths if they had been sponsored by Takemine. Just make one up – it doesn’t matter really, as with all good music, the tunes do the talking with “You’re My Star” being just one good example. Ones to watch – and I’ll certainly be doing that again…” http://www.manchestermusic.co.uk
“…Butler Williams…proceed to create gentle folk indebted…to Iron And Wine or Nick Drake…” http://www.manchestermusic.co.uk

Kathryn played at OoR once before (an un-billed last minute fill-in for an ill Butler Williams). And what a revelation she was. The press say:

“…a shining talent in the growing Manchester alternative folk scene…” Sandman Magazine
“…despite being but a quiet wee soul, it was KATHRYN EDWARDS who really lifted energy levels, with a ukulele of all things. Her voice is exactly how I imagine I sound in the shower of a morning, and its jazz stylings on ‘Sway’ or when she elongates “killer” to be more of a “killerrr-errrr-errrr” were a wonderful tonic after all than bone-shaking from The Fischers. After a couple of songs with trusty acoustic guitar, she exposed her vulnerability with gentle plucking of the uke. By letting her voice shine with such minimal backing, Kathryn Edwards conveyed a gorgeous fragility. Great stuff…” Manchester Music

SAMSON & DELILAH (Manchester)
S & D are on Little Red Rabbit Recordings – home to Anna Kashfi, Last Harbour, Fuzzy Lights and more.

Sam Lench and Anna Zweck are partners in life and call their creative nom de plume Samson & Delilah. Influenced by stories and traditions new and old, the duo write songs of love and longing, truth and deceit, beauty and decay. Lench has a background in indie-rock whilst Zweck is classically trained and this difference comes together to lend the album a rare breadth of style. From transcendental drone-folk and room-silencing a capella to uplifting songs of love across distance, ‘Samson & Delilah’ (their forcoming album) locates the exact point where Lench and Zweck’s unspoken truths find a voice.

HARVEY LORD (The Existence Of)
Due to a packed bill, the sometimes 10-piece band will be pared down to about 4… Harvey will be leading his troupe through some off-kilter alternative folk par excellence! Like a folkier version of his other band, Electric Free Time Machine – and sharing members liberally, the songs can amble, ramble and roam. But in the best way. Enjoy this trip…and it is a trip.

Jess possesses an incredible voice, impressive guitar-playing dexterity and some great songs too. A stalwart of the Gregson Open Mic night, she was outstanding at her first OoR performance, and gained further fans at the recent Totally Wired event.


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