Improv Xpress at The Storey — 9/10/09

Reviewed by Kevin McVeigh

Sloth prostitution? Perverted Ice cream? That’ll be a typical night with Improv Xpress then…
The latest Improv show, which took place in The Storey, was not the best I’ve seen them put on. Perhaps hampered by a small crowd to feed off, they started slowly, with laughs but not the real side-splitting moments they can achieve.
Nevertheless the familiar games such as ‘ABC’ and ‘Three Square’ (‘Triangle’ shouts someone from stage left..) worked well enough, and the six participants showed flashes of chemistry and personality to keep things going.
After the break things were much better, the tension had eased, and the performers’ individual strengths began to show.
Of course, being improvised, every show is different, some will be better than others, but under David Ash’s guidance Improv Xpress are continually impressive, and a poor night by their high standards is still a good night out. Catch them soon…


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