Pennine Lancashire Stanza Poetry Group

Tuesday 20th October, 6 pm, Storey Auditorium

 Reviewed by Carla Scarano D’Antonio

Five poets of the Pennine Lancashire Stanza Poetry Group met on Tuesday 20th October at 6 pm at the Storey Auditorium for the Litfest.


The poems they read in the soft relaxed atmosphere of the auditorium were centred on the theme ‘family’. They chose it because it is a wide and comprehensive subject, something we all have in common. And they had enough material on it and inspiration in store to write more and get ready for the Litfest event.


The Lancashire Stanza Poetry Group is a fairly new group, all the poets are members of the Poetry Society, who meet the second Wednesday of the month at the New Inn in Clitheroe. They read poems and talk about poetry, workshop each other and occasionally have a lemonade.


Their poetry was simple and profound at the same time, very readable and touching especially when dealing with close relationships. A father behaving like a little child after war injuries, a mother haunting her son, lost lovers, brief encounters, personal meditations.


Most of the poems were in free verse, exquisite, sincere gifts, sometimes short but never banal. Their style was essential and the reading passionate, typical of poetry lovers.


Considering the excellent outcomes of the group I would like to launch an appeal to the members of the Poetry Society based in Lancaster area: what about starting a Stanza Group in Lancaster? Just name the pub where we could meet.


2 Responses

  1. Hey,

    That sounds a great idea. Where would you suggest?

    D x

  2. I’m up for it! That makes 3 of us: enough for a group! Let’s go Carla, pick a pub; I’ll be there.

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