Mark Charlesworth – In Memory of Real Trees

Reviewed by Norman Hadley

Mark Charlesworth Cover- Front


Mark Charlesworth is a Ribble-based poet who has made the odd foray up to the Lunelands in search of a wider audience. You may have seen him at Spotlight in September and, if not, you can see him in action below.

Following on his from first collection Sunrise and Shorelines, In Memory of Real Trees is an accomplished collection with a strong, cohesive theme. Be warned, ye readers of a fragile disposition, the theme is as dark as a Don McCullin photo-spread, with death, decay and duplicity in abundance. Nonetheless, Mark is determined to lead his reader to the diamonds in the dirt.

The book is well-produced in a 6” x 9” format (62 pages, now you come to ask) with a suitably melancholy cover and the attractive font, credited to Audrius Skersys, is a nice, professional touch. Damn…wish I’d thought of that.

Now this is the point where you would expect a poet reviewing a poet to get all technical, debating the merits of rhythm and imagery. But, instead, you can make you own minds up as I have a number of clips of Mark in my video library. I will say this, though – converting his poem “The Bitterest Sin” into a lyric was an act of utter inspiration.

Mark is having a launch at 7:30 pm on 28th November at the New Continental, South Meadow Lane, Preston, PR1 8JP.


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