Superfluous — Adrian Pritchard — The Storey

Tucked away in the bold white Thomas Storey Room off the bar/reception area in The Storey is an art installation of vivid colour and motion by Adrian Pritchard. ‘Superfluous’ comes with approving comments by Lauren Laverne no less, not that that matters.

The work consists of a slowly rotating paint dispenser above a mesh from which varing lengths of strand dangle. Viscous bold paints slowly slide down these stands, in droplets, streams, big blobs inexorably or rapidly until they splatter on the white sheet below. It is as if there are two works of art here, the resulting splatter pattern, a gorgeous psychedelic rhorshach, and the multi-coloured, varying lengths and shaped blobs on the strands above.

I was instantly reminded of the fictional Pablo Cortez working in zero gravity with droplets of paint in Ernest Hogans’s SF novel Cortez On Jupiter, and then of work at the University show earlier this year. Regardless, its a lovely beacon of colour and pattern in a white space, and well worth popping in to see on one of these dark grey and wet autumn days. You’ll walk out with a smile, I promise you that.


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