Local Artist Supported – A Reprise

Posted by Norman Hadley

In the summer, the Lunecy Review hosted some…er…. lively debate on the alacrity or otherwise with which big chains support local artists. What did the debate achieve? Well, it brought a torrent of traffic to the site, quadrupling advertising revenues from zero to zilch and that’s got to be good. But, even though discussion focussed entirely on music, it set me thinking about approaching a large chain to distribute self-published books.

Waterstones seemed the best place to start, so a lonely David took up his slingshot and tiptoed across King Street, only to find that the giant of Gath was actually quite friendly. Negotiations were slightly complicated by changes of personnel but, this autumn, the shop finally came under the control of branch manager, Gemma Barry.

So my experience is positive, but you do have to be persistent. Here’s a traditional, local-paper-style picture of the proud poet handing over his works to bemused bookseller Edith Newby.

Waterstones Handover

You can now saunter into Waterstones and ask for Stinging the Sepia and Perspectives by name. No obligation to buy, you understand, but it’d be nice if the shop heard enquiries. If any other Lunecy readers have had experiences of getting work into big shops, click on that shiny link below that says “Leave a comment” .


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  1. Ta-Dah! (I’d say)

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