Richard Davis — An Apology

By Kev McVeigh

Having spoken to Richard Davis it appears that I may have conflated conversations I had with him and Joseph Glen initially, and subsequently misinterpreted my memory of those conversations to attribute remarks to Mr Davis that I accept he did not say.  

I have no desire to offend Mr Davis, whose work and ceaseless energy to promote the work of others I admire immensely, along with his willingness to engage in the discussion of local art that is going on. 



3 Responses

  1. So just to get it right, Richard doesn’t complain about the ‘establishment’ not respecting his work, and doesn’t act like a spoilt kid when criticisms are raised, and a little professionalism is indeed, NOT too much to ask for. And lastly he has NO questionable attitudes towards the audience…..I’d say thats a fair retraction.!

    tut, tut, Kev, professionalism indeed, slipped up there old son

  2. Thank You Kevin

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