Zun Zun Egui + Arficeden – Electric Free Time Machine – Voytek the Bear

Yorkshire House – 8.30pm – £5

Next weekend Zun Zun Egui stop off in Lancaster ahead of their tour with The Ex and Brass Unbound to bring their tropical grooves to the frozen city

Zun Zun Egui conjure up bona fide rebel music that is full of body, raw in spirit and totally free of precedent. A heavy, heavy dance band, they fire up mighty, eternal grooves worthy of some dust-caked Lagos street jam, but don’t just settle for that: tropical melodies, thrilling stop-start time switches, scorching psychedelics and robust underground rock flourishes are gathered up as the momentum swells towards frenzied, ecstatic finales. East African guitar practice is inflamed by multi-lingual incantations (in French, English, Creole, Japanese…), sinuous prog gets a big bass undertow. It’s roll and roll, a rainbow blaze of rhythm and sound that pulls both the rockers and the writhers into its heart.

“Repeated cells of joyous juju groove and a hefty dose of ink mathematics, topped off
by a bearded bespectacled bloke with the voice of a Thai pop princess exultantly
singing in tongues.” – The Wire (live review)

“ZunZunEgui, however, are incredible, leaning from Cuban jazz with a noise skronk to a heavy afrobeat, which recalls late-period Fugazi at their most freeform.” – Drowned In Sound

Support from Arficeden (kicking off their U.K tour), Lancaster’s Electric Free Time Machine and EFTM album launch supporters Voytek the Bear


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