The nominations are in, thanks to all who took the time, especially those who explained why they were nominating their choices. So now it’s time to decide who your favourites were in 2009.

Best Album
The Existence Of Harvey Lord
Homemade Lemonade
The Lovely Eggs — If You Were Fruit
New Zealand Story — Show Your Workings
Ottersgear — Quest For Rest

Best Live Act
Moll Baxter
Dan Haywood’s New Hawks
The Lovely Eggs

Best Other Live Performer
Simon Baker
Marian Hughes
James Knight
Sid the Standup
Rebecca Willmott
(note that due to a tie there are six contenders in this category)

Best Writer
Norman Hadley
Dan Haywood
Sarah Hymas
Kim Moore
Ann Wilson

Best Visual Artist
John Angus
Richard Davis
Lisa Letch
Iain Sloane (Luneside Studios)

So now you have until Friday 29th January to email me with your choices ranked in order of preference
John Smith 1
Jane Doe 2
Kev McVeigh 3
You dont have to rank everyone, those not ranked will not count as a vote. The results will then be calculated using arcane formulae and announced at the end of January.
So get voting….


21 Responses

  1. As much as I have a discernible erection at the prospect of Show Your Workings being misspelled for this prestigious award, might it be worthwhile to link to the work where possible?

    Anyone can hear all of SYW here:

    … and I dare say this is true for one or two of the other nominees.

  2. EFTM…quite possibly the best and most original band in Lancaster….where are they?, sheesh

  3. Incidentally, where’s Hows My Pop?

    That album is outstanding.

  4. where’s the body collective

    • Joe,
      I suspect that Body Collective was not viewed as a single entity in this context, hence nominations for Free:Control and Richard Davis who both partook in Body Collective events.
      — Kev

  5. Hello.

    There are some glaring omissions from each of Kev’s categories.

    Real shockers.

    In the daft event of my getting an award (don’t do it!), I am going to melt down the gold and chuck it in the sea.


  6. When I made my own suggestions as to what I’d enjoyed this year, I hadn’t really considered the wider implications of singling out some folk/’albums’ etc. for merit over others: promoting competition, conflict etc. in an otherwise collegial environment?

    A previous post asking for personal highlights from 2009 offered readers/contributors etc. the opportunity to chronicle personal highlights, stuff they’d enjoyed etc. without having to rank out an order of preference (though some went ahead and did this anyway):

    On reflection, wonder whether the earlier post – at its outset at least, offered a more cohesive opportunity to celebrate local music/arts in 2009 with less the risk of exclusion, discord etc?

  7. Just one comment:
    in the 11 months this site has been running we have not removed any comments or posts other than at the direct response of the person making the post.
    We obviously retain the right to remove offensive posts but have so far taken a liberal view on censorship. Your view is as valid as any other, and this is a forum for discussion to which all are invited.
    — Kev McVeigh

  8. I was pleasantly suprised to be nominated-I have been following the various comments on the whole subject of nominations with-well I don’t know how to describe it-maybe disbelief is too strong….

    I can’t believe that people are getting so stressy about it! I don’t know whether the music scene in Lancaster is ‘cliquey’- but I do know a lot about the writing scene, not only in Lancaster but in Cumbria/Manchester-and cliquey it definately isn’t…..

    I admit I only go to the spotlight events in lancaster regularly-but I have found people friendly, welcoming and encouraging from the very first time I went there.

    If people have bothered to nominate artists for these shortlists, then I think it’s great. Its just a bit of fun, after all. Nobody is suggesting there is going to be a million pounds at stake. If you don’t want to take part, then don’t!

    I assume there are ‘glaring emissions’ because people complaining about the whole concept didn’t bother to nominate?

  9. Hello Kim.

    I think it only fair that everyone should know that there is a million pounds at stake!

    ‘Kev McVeigh’ is really Lord Kingsley McInveigle, the subject of a two year special of Channel 4’s ‘Secret Millionaire’.

    Most of the nominees, and some of the others know!

    I take it you hadn’t heard.

    He’s a hosiery magnate who wants to give something back to the common people. He’s been an undercover philanthropist until recently.

    Is it any wonder some people are getting hot under the collar?

    All that charity-lucre!

    I’m more about art than money and lurid awards.

    In fact, were I to receive one of K McInveigle’s outsize cheques, I would simply rip it up, and chuck it on the River Conder.


  10. lol, I absolutely love this .Brilliant. If we could do this awards in a similar manner I for one would endorse it……lol

  11. “no-one said the lancaster music scene was cliquey tho”

    I’ll say it, if you like.

    It is.

    • David, is it unusual to find disparate groups coalescing around certain focal points? I am sure metal fans don’t normally mingle with jazzniks, folkies with dance fans on a daily basis. Its only a bad thing if they become totally insulated from each other and unwelcoming to newcomers.
      The history of art is full of cliques, feuds and petty rivalry. The Romantic poets were guaranteed a scathing review by Blackwoods Magazine, Paul Simon was convinced for years that Bob Dylan mocked him, Gauguin cut off Van Gogh’s earlobe, mogwai produced T-shirts saying ‘blur: are shite’ , Hazlitt and Coleridge wrote much of their best work in attacking each other.
      The question therefore is not are there cliques, but are they deliberately created or just part of the natural way of things? And what might overcome the negatives whilst retaining the strength of the various scenes?

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