Open Mic at The Gregson

Lancaster has a thriving tradition of ‘Open Mic’ nights, and we at Lunecy wholeheartedly endorse this.  Some people want to be famous and some want to just play to a few friends, appreciative listeners, passers by and so on.  Some of these are the same people on different nights.   As the mood or the inspiration takes them.

One of these nights that has been touched upon before at TLR is the last sunday of the month at The Gregson, an event often themed and drawing performers and listeners from all sides of town.  Even I’ve been known to do my thing there. 

This month there’s no theme, but Nigel Parrington tells me that:

‘there’s no theme or bells and whistles, just an Open Mic.  acid folksters ‘Zaam’ are coming form Belgium to play a short set so it should be interesting. 
Many thanks and greetings ‘

So, if the weekend is too short and you want to enjoy a convivial, spirited and entertaining night with tunes thrown in for free… why not wander down to The Gregson (or up, acrosss, round the corner, etc) on Sunday night.


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