Well it’s taken me all day counting and re-checking the votes, thank you to all 90 off you who chipped in.  To put that into perspective, that’s about a typical days viewing on here when there’s no controversy bubbling away.    I’m sure that all the artists involved, whether they were bothered about awards or not, appreciate that so many of you cared enough to send an email.  Now go buy their albums, books, art, gig tickets etc….

Oh, you want to know who won?  Well, it was fascinating totting up the votes.  There were clear winners and extremely tight categories, with a recount needed in two cases. 

Best Album 2009

Show Your Workings by New Zealand Story.

Best Live Act 2009

Moll Baxter

Best Writer 2009

Kim Moore

Best Visual Artist 2009


Best Other Performer

Simon Baker & Rebecca Willmott (tie)

I was unable to separate Simon and Rebecca even on a count back of second and third place votes. 

Well done to all of you, and to all the nominees and those too who didnt get a mention this time.  We have a great range of talent in this area, represented in these awards by comparative veterans and newcomers alike.


13 Responses

  1. Well done all.

    My legal team wishes to make it clear that the victorious Ms Moore has received no verbal abuse beyond the level of ordinary persiflage from this quarter,. Nor is there any truth in the rumour that I spread a sleeping draught on the mouthpiece of her tuba in an effort to make her slumber for a hundred years.

    • Thanks everyone who voted for me.

      Can I make it clear that I don’t play the tuba…this is the equivalent of saying that a poem is ‘quite prosy’! A grave insult, worse than when Norman tried to kill me by chemical warfare ( I think I caught my cold from him)
      (and not in an exciting way either)

      • This is *exactly* the kind of denial you would expect from a tuba player (albeit the protestations are usually a bit more basso profundo). Actually, research has shown a 98.6% correlation between tuba-playing and congenital mendacity, so denial is tantamount to confession.

  2. Hey! Thanks everyone for this.

    We hope this will result in a few extra hits on the site than usual, and we’ve decided to halve the CD price for a couple of weeks to give you that extra incentive, as we know many of you are new to our songs.

    Selling this record keeps us in guitar leads and gig petrol. It’s in a pretty, pretty box and it’s been made with lots of love. Give it a cheeky £4.99 punt. If you’re disappointed, collar me in the Yorkie and I’ll buy you a pint. 😉

  3. Thankyou to everyone who voted and for the support Lunecy Review has shown us over the last year, we are really happy about this! Hopefully see everyone at ‘Wired In’ next week! 🙂

  4. Well done Kim!

  5. Well I still think the winner of “Best Other Performer” should have gone to Elizabeth Mitchell for her portrayal of Juliet Burke (that joke for the exclusive use of “Lost” obsessives).

    I maintain my reservations about awards generally and still feel the biggest winner here is the Lunecy Review website (as they used to say on Dawson’s Creek, “It’s not a criticism, it’s just an observation.”)

    However I’m not a complete grump-bag churl so thank you to anyone who voted for me and thank you Kevin for the award, it’s always nice to feel one’s efforts are appreciated.

    I look forward to trading on this award in order to achieve the celebrity status I so desperately crave. Expect to see me papped staggering out of a taxi outside the Gregson with no pants on; romantically linked with Lindsey Lohan in the tabs (it’s really only a very small step from a lesbian relationship to a relationship with me) and a “close friend” demonstrating this intimacy and trust by telling a journalist that I’m battling an unspecified addiction. I made my first step down this road recently by backing out of a gig with “pneumonia” (we all know what that really means).

  6. Hello
    I think Rebecca Willmott’s Slythia Plath meets Pam Ayers poems are excellent. I guess I got do with a better description here but then…I’m not a paoet.

    Well done to all who participated and I loved Renecca’s ‘take’ on life.

    Congrats All.

    More Art less Art of War.

  7. Hmmmm wondering if TLR should start a gossip column all about Simon’s antics & Kim’s denials (and look where that got Bill Clinton)?

    — Kev

  8. Warmest thankyous to everyone who voted for me.

    I think Simon has put it better than I ever could. I felt uncomfortable from the start being in a shortlist of artists for whom I have a great deal of respect and many of whom are dear friends. It’s a little bit Life of Brian. Mind you, we do put ourselves onstage in the hope that people will listen and enjoy, so I suppose this comes with the territory! Thicker skins may be useful – I just don’t want to end up a warty onion.

    And that sure don’t detract from the unexpected sparkley feeling when I think that people actually voted for me! So thank you.

    And I second David’s call for more Art and Less Art of War.

    With that in mind, I’m going to have another cup of coffee and a celebratory biscuit (Chocolate Crinkle) and upload some new songs onto Myspace. New E.P. out now! Part 2 Whispers in the Well, including ‘The one about the skeleton’ – Bonejig! 🙂


  9. Just noticed that I was nominated for the Best other performer award. Thank you. I also noticed that the joint winners read from copies of their poems. One of them caught pneumonia for the sympathy vote and one brought pictures of dolls for the female vote…………………………Not that I am bitter or twisted about losing.

    • Absolutely right Sid, but at least now you know what you need to do for next year. Seeing Heath Ledger’s Best Supporting Actor Oscar and all Michael Jackson’s recent chart success, it’s pretty clear to me what I ought to have done to be outright winner. But that’s always been my problem – lack of commitment.

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