All Quiet on the North Western Front?

Our regular reader will have noticed a lack of actual review content lately, unfortunately several regular contributors and people involved loosely with TLR have suffered from unfortunate life circumstances recently.   I’m sure you will agree that family and health have to take priority at any time, and you will join me in sending out best wishes to those going through difficult times.

However, this means that for the foreseeable future some of us are going to be too tied-up to give TLR as much attention as previously, and content will continue to be intermittent and hit-or-miss on the site.    

The Lunecy Review has run for twelve months now and whilst not everything has run smoothly, or acheived what I hoped, I think it would be a shame if it fades away now, so if there is anybody out there who wants to get involved, writing reviews or just maintaining the site occasionally, please get in touch.

Thanks for all the support, we’ll be back soon

— Kev McVeigh


3 Responses

  1. It sure is a shame when real life gets in the way of culture…

  2. Best wishes to those going through Tough Times.

    I understand that Carla Scarano is putting the finishing touches to a review of Friday’s Spotlight Slam. Nutritious wodges of video goodness can be found at:

  3. Thanks Kev and everyone else for their kind words and support. Dad desn’t have long left. Thankfully he isn’t in any pain and is comftable…

    Much appreciated. I shall return as and when…

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