Support for Local Artists – A Re-reprise

Posting by Norman Hadley.

OK, this might be a bit sneakily self-aggrandizing but a) I’ve got some nice things to say about someone else and b) we want to keep Lunecy ticking over with material.

Following on from discussion last year on the support offered to local artists by large organisations, I had a call from Waterstones this afternoon. Let’s just say that again – they rang me. They’ve asked me to do a reading in their King Street Branch 6-7 pm, Thursday April 8th. They’ve promised posters, a window display and a mention on their website.

So thirty cheers for Waterstones for being so supportive.

2 Responses

  1. Hip Hip Hooray x 30!
    No dammit – x googolplex!!

  2. Hurragh!

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