Brindley Hallam-Dennis – My (minor) part in his upfall

By Norman Hadley

We’re all in this together, I always say.

Trite? Yes, but here we all are, scribbling, strumming and squawking, hoping that one day someone incongruously well-dressed will ooze into the back of the pub and buttonhole us after the performance with a quiet “You and me. Outside.” Afterwards, there’ll be papers to sign, royalty cheques piling in drifts against the door  and paparazzi lurking beyond but at least some bugger will have noticed our efforts. And we can help each other out, even if it’s just a name-drop here and a hyperlink there.

I mention all this because I got a really nice email from Brindley Hallam-Dennis this week. Regular Spotlighters might remember his barn-storming incarnation as Kowalski back in November.

As is my wont, I stuck a set of video clips on Lunecy & youtube and Brindley was able to send links to a publisher, Unbound Press who liked what they saw and asked for more – much more.  Obviously there’s no cast-iron causal relationship here – it’s not video clip ergo Fame & Glory. The deal relied on diverse factors wholly outwith Lunecy’s control such as Brindley’s talent and his outrageously prolific output (there are 46 Kowalski stories in his forthcoming collection, “That’s What Ya Get.”  That’s as many stories as you have chromosomes. Think on.)

Lunecy says – When ya can get “That’s What Ya Get”, get it.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations – what a helpful but pithy post, Mr. Hadley (not related to Tony Hadley by any chance, are you ?

  2. Cheers, Chris.

    Much as I’d love to claim myself as Tony’s better-looking, more-successful younger brother, only the “younger” part would actually be true.

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