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We have never written a blog or anything before but we thought that while we are here in america and that we should click and clack away because we are excited like cuttlefish! If you have any tips or anything for us please let us know cos we are like goldfish in a washing up bowl…

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last gig of the American tour in NYC tomorrow!

Yes that’s RIGHT toots! We are playing ONE more show before we leave americaland. Tomorrow night (Monday) we will be playing at The Bowery Poetry Club as the ‘featured artist’!

Come and see us and dance and eat cake and slap pickles in your eyes! And if you don’t live in NYC tell someone who CARES!

We are playing at 10pm get there sharp like American cheddar.

The Bowery Poetry Club

308 Bowery (Between Houston and Bleeker)

F Train to 2nd Avenue

see y’all soon sweet treats!

eggs over easy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, September 24, 2009

We are NOT Dead!!

It’s just that we didn’t realise that going on tour and drinking lots and sleeping with your head in a pickle jar isn’t conducive to the art of bloggety blogging! In short, we have been too shit faced to even look at a keyboard, let alone click it and clack it! We are sorry. We have slapped our own legs and cried out in pain!
We played some great gigs though and met some splendid people whilst we were cartwheeling through America with Cars Can Be Blue.
Holly was only sick two times and only one time had to be put to bed by two kind American girls who felt sorry for her incapicity to move the legs and string a sentence together like bunting. And in Chicago after our gig there was a female armwrestling competition and the prize money was $100, so naturally Holly entered it straight away and got almost pulverised by a roller girl! ‘But i did put up a good fight though!’
David only ‘turned’ 4 or 5 times and only got naked once, and that was in a record shop so it doesn’t count.
For the last few days we have been doing some recording in NYC for a ‘special’ secret Halloween release. shhhhhhhhh! we’ll tell you more about that soon toots over some pumpkin pie!

Holly in Walmart buying essential supplies for the tour. #1 on the list. Pillow and blanket!

Rule # 2 on tour. Get shit faced!

Rule # 3. Keep getting shit faced!

Rule # 4. Play a gig or two and then sleep/pass out in a record shop and catch crabs

Next enter an arm wrestling competition!

Then do a bit of kissing…

play more gigs and meet your biggest fan!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

American friends oUr new alBum is OUT!!

yes it is and it looks just lovely  and has different artwork to the UK release with pictures from Jon Carling and everything!
It's out on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records and we are falling off our own skates about it!
You can mosey on down and buy it in your independent record shops or  order it from the HHBTM website here...
It's Happy Happy Birthday To Me's 10th Birthday today! Hooray!!!
Love Holly and David xxxx

still bloggin’ 24/08/09

Hi toots sorry we were gone for so long we were in the desert and looking for bears and that! Well we had a great time with Jon Carling in Oakland he took us into the mountains and plonked us on a steam train and we sang songs for him which he filmed for his new revamped Saturday Morning Cartoon Show. Watch this space! In the evening time we played at Book Zoo which was FAB! The BEST place to play EVER is round books so we were totally in our element! We were playing with Glass Cake who are so magical your heart could break in two like shortbread and Agent Ribbons who we have fallen in love with and are our new girlfriends OFFIcial FACT! The gig was lovely and afterwards Eric who owns the Book Zoo said that we could pick a book to have. David picked one on screen printing and i chose one by someone french that had a nice cover.  Jon Carling is the best host ever! He made us an eggy tent in his own front room and we have fallen in love with his new girlfriend who deserves to be on top of a cake!
But we had to leave Jon and that girl of his because we heard the call of the WILD!!So we trotted over to Yosemite to look for BEARS! We didnt find any though because we made sure we didnt eat honey sandwiches, just cheese. we had to keep everything in a bear proof box, even toothpaste and that. Now we can’t imagine why a bear would want to EAT toothpaste but anyway. we walked and sweated and walked and sweated and looked for bears and sweated but we couldn’t find any.we saw lots of other animals and birds though that we liked like these blue birds which were pretty amazing. we are hoping that Dan Haywood or Jon Carter might tell us what they are! TELL TELL!  it was a great place to see though and there were so many STARS at night it made us cry.
The next day we rumbled over to Modesto to play a gig in Modesto at Guru Indian Cusine! A physicalINdian Restaurant! We had been particularly looking forward to this one cos we have always wanted to play a gig in an Indian Restaurant! How skill is THAT! But all the cogs got chewed up in the machine and we had to cancel the show boo hiss! The promoter had not organised a drum kit for us so we couldn’t play. we are sorry Modesto but we had to leave you like a half used jar of peanut butter at the back of the fridge.
Instead we went to Santa Monica and became ADDICTED to SKEEBALL!! It is the best game in the world EVER EVER! We went on loads of slotties and these machines SPAT out all these tickets and they kept on coming on like a tube of toothpaste and David had a hard time controlling all the tickets coming out of them machines. And then we went and got prizes! I got like a pendant thingy which is really a watch in disguise and David got a Route 66 keyring.
Now we are in the dessert like melting jellies and waiting to go and find Cars Can Be Blue who will take us on tour and look after us like magpies. x
PS OUr album comes out in America tomorrow YEEEE HAAAAA! get the beggar bought!

Gigs in Bookshops RULE!

aND HERE is your host Joooooon Carling!

I like Birds But I Like Other Animals Too. But what is this variety? Answers on a postcard to…

Winner David! SKEEBALL champion of the world!

American bloggy blog 15/08/09

Read all about it read ALL about it! We had BATS in the bedroom and got stopped by the cops and everything!!!! After our seashore encounters and we had scrambled the rocks like eggs we drove into California. wE are LOVE sick for Orgeon! Orgeon is our new favourite girlfriend! She even gave david a new toy.It is this chime that you go ding with and it dings like FOREVER until it stops dinging. David is obsessed by it and we are going to play it every SINGLE night for the rest of the tour! In California we stayed in a motel made out of ONE tree. now imagine THAT! And when we woke up in the morning two bats flew into our room and had us ducking and diving like travelling salesmen. david thought they might be vampire bats so we made a hasty exit and drove south to look at all the redwoods and we would stop and get our picture taken with a tree and drive for a bit and get our picture taken with another tree and then David would drive through a tree and I would take a picture of him and then he drove onto a big log and i took a picture of him carring it up sitting on the big old log and then we had more pictures with trees and david drove through another tree which was better than the first one he drove through! A lot of TREES huh!
Then something REALLY TERRIBLE happened! I got pulled over by a cop! He came out of nowhere like a bad dream in the night. it was all nee naw nee naw and that and reminded us of America’s best police chases. it was terrifying and he pulled us over and he strode over in his brown uniform like a motel made out of one tree and told me i was driving 80mph in a 45mph zone.oh dear! I said sorry 964 times and he let me off. He was stern like a ship though and i NEVER want that to happen to me again. Consequently i have been adhering to the speed limit as if my life depended on it and i’m attracting a big foamy python of traffic behind me like a silvery slug trail. Drivers of America i know you must hate me but that is the LAW!!
Subsequently we arrived late for our gig in Sacramento but our spirits were lifted when we saw our name in LIGHTS on the roof of the Blue Lamp! We were playing with two fab bands South Patch who are ACE ACE ACE and Agents Ribbons who are so good we could give ourselves carpet burns. The gig went well and we met lots and lots of lovely new people. Afterwards we went to party with the promoter who is a lovely good egg of a man called Roger and Natalie from Agent Ribbons. Now did you know that if you are hungry you cant get food from a drive in unless you are in an actual physical car! How ridiculous is THAT!! There was this place to get food and Natalie wanted some but only the drive in was open and even though we walked up to the hatch to say FOOD FOOD! They refused to serve her because no car no car. So she went to get a car and then all was well and the party could begin. But i just wanted to tell you about that because it is a nice little fact about America that they might ask you in a pub quiz. Naturally that night we partyed HARD! After hearing about our penchant for Twin Peaks Roger the promoter gave us lots of Twin Peaks stuff like magazines and some collectible Twin Peaks cards that have all the characters on and stuff about all the characters which is the most beautiful thing EVER! dID YOu know that Dr Jacoby’s birthday is January 30th 1934? And that Leo Johnson’s favourite things are ice cream, birthday cake and money!! We are so happy with those cards we could BURST!!
Yesterday we woke up extremely hungovered in our clothes on Roger’s settee. He took us out to get eggs to sort out the head and it worked a little bit.
The only thing that could make us feel TRUELY better though was Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Carling so we sped to his house straight away (within the bounds of the speed limitations of America of course). And he had a Lovely Eggs tent set up for us in his front room and EVERYTHING with presents on our pillows and a pirate and a cat sock puppet to welcome us and say dont be afraid. We are so at home now we could cry like peeling onions! Jon Carling is just the BEST ever and his new girlfriend Jessica who we have never met before is spectacular!  They took us out to eat burritos that were the size of our head! Today we are going to sit in the Oakland sunshine and decorate drum kits and go to a pound shop which is called a dollar store over here. We are playing tonight at a bookshop called BOOK ZOO which is ace. we are playing we Glass Cake and Agent Ribbons and we are so exited we could scream like BOB! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
PS Did you know that they dont have egg cups in America? FACT!!Here is David driving through a tree!

The Lovely Eggs play Sacramento!

In the gutter with Agent Ribbons! Oh dear!

Our new best friend in Sacramento!

american tour diary 13/08/09

pirates and whales and the sea and crashing and smashing and whetting EVERYTHING with home-made AMERICAN cheese sandwiches in the car xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Eggy AmericAn tour diary 12/08/09

Hello fruitcakes!
sorry we have been off the radar for a while, we have been PARTYING in PORTLAND! It is the best place EVER in the world! Just rewinding the tape a bit and pressing play, on Sunday after seeing Dinosaur Jr we drove down to Olympia to play a gig at Le Voyeur. It is a really small place what we didnt really expect and had some great book and antique shops. We have put a picture of us playing there which you can see below. rAchel and Brigit DARED me to sing ‘Rock Star’ by Hole when i was there but i didn’t. i reckon it would have gone down like a piece of banana in a sausage dogs mouth! The next day we drove down the coast. we went to Aberdeen where Kurt Cobain grew up and then drove down to Astoria where The Goonies was filmed! Hey you guuuuuuuuuuuuyyyyyyyyyyyys!!!!! We stopped at a place called ‘Dismal Nitch’ which is now the new name of our hardcore doom metal side project!
Then we got to Portland and the partying started TRUE and HARD! We were playing a house show arranged by the ever so lovely Best Supporting Actress who are FAB! Check em out. The  house was rammed with people and five whole bands were playing and we played in this great basement which was all covered with colourful things like a peacocks tail and had UV lights that made your clothes go like cats eyes. It was the most terrific thing EVER! AND we met so many lovely people and heard much good music. The only down side was waking up in the middle of the  night to hear the telly on with the bit where Leyland Palmer is killing Madeline. It was so loud and awful i couldnt watch i just looked at the ceiling and tryed not to hear but when i opened my eyes there was this great big ceiling fan there that was spinning like what they have in America and i very nearly shit myself! we LOVE everyone in PORTLAND thanks for having us you are all Acecakes with labels that say acecakes on top!
Yesterday we tried to recover as best we could and drove down the coast towards California. The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen. it is so natural and rugged and wild like a tiger of the sea! We saw whales and everything and saw the sea SPEW!
Later alligator! xThis is us playing in Olympia…

Our new heavy metal doom side project…

Perching on the porch in Portland…

Today I dragged DaVID BACK to The Mount Si Motel cos we weren’t SCARED enough! THis time though there was only what can be described a a gaggle of women in the motel forecourt. i was feeling courageous like a great big sealion and asked one of the ladys if we could see the room where Leyland Palmer was going to have “a bit of the other” with Laura Palmer and Ronette Polaski and Theresa Banks. And the woman said YES!!! She showed us the room where David Lynch’s team had painted the walls all scummy and there was still the lamp and the picture on the wall used in the film! We are going to stop going on about Twin Peaks now because we know that either
a. you aren’t interested or
b. we are rubbing it it in!
So we will STOP and put our foot down on the brake without holding down the clutch in that automatic car right NOW!! Speaking of which, I have had to write ‘Don’t Move’ on my left leg to stop me from putting one foot on the brake and the other on the accelerator which is very dangerous!! You can nearly CRASH doing THAT!
In the evening we went back to Seattle and saw Dinosaur Jr play a freeeee gig under the spaCE NEEDLe. They were ace and Lou Barlow was playing bass and everything! They did Freak Scene which was the highlight for us! David wanted them to play Repulsion though, ho hum. I bought a corn on the cob which was bigger than my entire head! that’s SOME corn! we are playing Olympia tomorrow! Hooray!

AmeriCan Eggy Diary 07/08/09

Last night we went to Shorty’s which had lots and lots of pin ball machines that were all lit up like meatballs in the night sky. Our favourite machine was a boxing one where the ball punched this man in the middle and when you hit him enough times he turned round and had a fight with you. I think we took a picture of that man growling at us through the glass. Today we went to see Kurt Cobain’s house. I’m not really sure why we went, i suppose cos when I was 15 i never EVER thought that i would be able to come all the way to America so i thought my 15 yr old shadow wouldnt forgive me for not going. It was weird and sad. I thought there would be lots of flowers and tributes and that there but life was really going on as if nothing had ever happened. There was a bench and a park next to the house. The bench was all graffitied and that. We sat on the bench for a bit. It just made us feel sad. So TO FLUsh out the Sadness to make way for FEAR we trotted off to Twin Peaks!! We never found BOB but we saw lots of the filming locations and went for coffee and Cherry pie in the Double RR Diner. It was Norma’sday off and Leo had made Shelly stay home, so we didnt see any of the regular staff. Our favourite bits were the Blue Diamond Motelwhich is officially SCAREY!!! David wanted to get back in the car but i made him get out and walk round. It was the motel where Leyland saw Laura and Ronette sitting on a bed. When he saw Teresa Banks he told her he had to go- it’s not in the series, just the film. Well this motel was so scarey.It looked abandoned but it wasn’t i think there were real people living there!! Other ace bits was the intersection where Leyland and the one armed man have a to do when Laura is in the car, Sparkwood and 21, the Twin Peaks sign shot from the opening credits and Snoqualmie Falls. We are off to the Sheriffs Dept now to eat some donuts with Sheriff Truman! See you around y’all!

we are not going to write separate blogs for the last 2 days because that would not be TRUE! so in summary, on Wednesday we arrived in Seattle. In our brains we were a bit tired cos in our heads it was midnight and we had drunken lots of red wine on the plane but in actual american reality it was only 4 in the afternoon. But we are true northern troopers and hit the streets to get beer! David sniffed out a great Mexican restaurant called Mammas where we went to eat burritos. they were fab but not as good as the ones we got wiv JOn CaRling in Oakland last year at a place where there were skeletons on the walls. Then David bought his first 6 pack of Bud Light and we took them and drank some of those bottles of Bud Light right DOWn! and had a right good snooze.
Yesterday, we spent most of the morning trotting round music shops looking for things for the gigs that we are playing. Mostly we spent our time being redirected to toy shops! we met a lovely man in one toy shop who tryed  to help us find a ukulele. he was lovely and a good egg and spoke to us in real life american. In the finish up we found a ukulele and also bought a Little Big Muff (lets face it distortion HAS to take priority!) and some drum sticks. In the afternoon we went reet up the Space Needle cos it suddenly got sunny! It was ACE just like Jon Carter said it would be! then we came back down the needle and went to our first gig of the season at Cafe Racer. It was a lovely place and we were playing with Moogle Charm and Bandladeir who were both good eggs. we ate garden burgers and drank 3 pints of beer EACH! Then we played the gig. it was scarey cos we are used to our own stuff and i didnt have my faithful Selma by my side. But it turned out ok. We do need more volume though! Has anyone ever tried the Little Big Muff? If so can you let me know what you think? I’m not sure whether it wasnt loud enough cos of the amp or the pedal. The Muff was on 10 though and still not kicking out enough power and THAT’S not like the muff! Hmmmm. I’m going to try and sort it out soon and make it LOUD!!!When we left, the barman gave us ALL our beers for free which was ace cos we LOVE free beer!! But we missed out bus on the way home but got a lift by the lovely people in Bandladeir.
TODAY we went STRAIGHT to the aquarium. Our favourite things what we saw were a giant big octopus, a big lobster, a squat lobster, a hermit crab, and a puffa fish CRUNCHING a clam shell in it’s teeth. the SHELL and everything went DOWN THE HATCH! I bought a lovely brown cowboy hat with a gold trim and a sherrifs badge on the front and then we wandered round Capitol Hill and now we are going out for some beers at a place where everyhing is neon. Tomorrow we are off to see where they filmed Twin Peaks! We cant WAIT and are screaming inside like Leyland Palmer!! More coming soon toots!

Dont Eat!

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