Submission Guidelines

The Lunecy Review welcomes contributions on any aspect of the arts in this area.   Reviews and features, photographs and interviews.

In the first instance please email  for more information.

Obviously the aim is to focus on the Lancaster & South Lakes area  whether that is artists from this area performing outside the arrea (eg The Adventures Of Loki gigging in London) or artists from afar  coming to the area (eg A Bridget Riley exhibition at Abbot hall.)

Physically published material, eg books, CDs etc by local artists  or authors will hopefully be covered in more detail, work from non-locals who are appearing in the area may also merit a review.

Please note that all material used on The Lunecy review remains the copyright of the individual contributors and no payment is made for its use.  However it would be appreciated if contributors acknowledge The Lunecy Review if material is re-used elsewhere.

5 Responses

  1. We met some time ago at Poet’s Cornered (Spotlight) when it was at Yorkshire House. I sent your details to the above website. He now has room for links. We would love to print and acknowledge some of your reviews, and have a link for your site/vice versa. You can check out what we do…and the What A Week goes onto a blog format as well. I have enjoyed seeing your reviews so far.

  2. Hi
    TLR is planning to do a series of profiles on various people from the Lancaster scenes and whilst we could try to d them all ourselves we think it would be much better if we could commission a range of writers with better knowledge of some of the subjects.
    Obviously we can’t ask you to write about yourself, well we could but it might be odd, however we were wondering if you might be interested in producing something for us.
    The idea is for a more general overview piece rather than an event/time-specific review and we hope to build up a body of these pieces archiving our thriving scene. Within that vague brief contributors have a lot of flexibility, not just in terms of style and approach, but with deadlines and wordlengths too.
    If there is anybody you would particularly like to cover please let us know, though we have a few ideas about who we might match up with whom in some instances

    Any thoughts or queries get in touch with myself or Wes Martin.

  3. Preston is another country. They do things differently there…

    On Tuesday, I went to Word Soup 4 in Mollie’s stead, and a student journalist by the name of Melanie Webster was Tweeting responses to the acts minute-by-minute.

  4. Excellent – I will pass this info re submissions onto my artsy clients.
    Judith Coyle
    Judith Coyle Editorial

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